time for another Proust Questionnaire IV

The Proust Questionnaire IV


Favorite virtue, integrity, elegance and humor // courage and integrity // honesty // forgiveness

Favorite qualities in a man, lightness // naiveness // simplicity // humor

Favorite qualities in a woman, intuition // creation // intuition // strength

Your chief characteristic, honesty // imagination // curiosity // commitment

What you appreciate most in your friends, openness // sharing // trust //

Your main fault, doubt // doubt // doubt // doubt

Your favorite occupation, traveling // creating and sharing // making ideas happen: "producing" // acting, singing, dancing

Your idea of happiness, sharing and beauty // Freedom of being and freedom of expression // Being present // love and peace

Your idea of misery, envy and jealousy // sickness in mind, heart and/or body // Loneliness (physically, mentally, emotionally) // paralyzing fear

If not yourself, who would you be, maybe a water plant // A tree! // It is nice being in myself. I will work on my strength and flexibility. // I am glad to say this but I like myself today and I'd like to be more myself in the future

Where would you like to live, in a beautiful house with a garden, a balcony and a great bath tub! // new york city, Paris and Berlin // i like living in myself wherever although i am enthusiastic about us (me and I) going to NYC and Paris for now. // NYC, pairs and Tokyo

Your favorite color and flower, black and not sure // black and trees! // all! all! // all, all (hehe the punctuation changed!)

Favorite Prose authors,  no new, I believe // many! // Lispector, Kundera, Heidegger // Kundera, Heidegger

Favorite Poets, Shakespeare, Whitman, Elliott, also some tweets are good // Shakespeare // Cummings, Sor Juana, Shakespeare, Eielson // Shakespeare and Sor Juana

Heroes and Heroines in fiction, none // Can't think of anything // Don't have... I like yoda. He is funny and wise but a "heroe-type" mhmm... nop, I don't. Maybe scientists, they start from fiction and they become it real! // yoda

Favorite painters and composers, artists: Rothko, Abramovic, Turrell, Marclay, so many! c: Cardin, Wagner, Mahler, Beethoven, Dvorak,  // artists: abramovic, turrel, rothko, martin margiella, alexander wang, kapoor, sophie calle, ono, ...and many many more! composers: wagner, cage, mahler and beethoven // Many! (thank you for this question) // Still looking for my favorite, John Cage, La Monte Young, Bach

Heroes in real life, All creators, innovators, teachers, dancers and funny people // Any person who wants to become his or her better self // Don't have. I have learned mostly from ordinary people and ordinary stuff. They are all very wise! // Lennon

Heroines in real life, mothers + teachers // mom and grandma // I admire my grandma a lot! She is awesome! // Mom

What characters in history you mostly dislike, cowards, dishonest, abusive, irresponsible, selfish // dishonest, cowards and selfish leaders // I don't like cowards // irresponsible leaders

Favorite food and drink, snacks and any drink with soda excepts for soda // small food and earl grey french blue tea! // ice cream and fruit juice // chili, chocolate, mole, strawberry milkshake, black tea

Favorite names, merci // venue // lea // rainbow, lea

What i hate the most, injustice and liars // trying to be other than myself (sometimes I do) // i don't like hate // people hurting others

World history characters I hate the most, none // none // -// I don't like hate

The military event I admire the most, - // surrendering to peace // surrendering to peace // surrendering to peace

The reform I admire the most, small epiphanies // freedom of expression // the change of oneself's opinion // equal rights

The natural talent i'd like to be gifted with, memory, improvisation and adventure spirit // memoria, lightness, y hacer reír! // ubicuidad, memoria y hacer rerír a las personas // making people laugh

How I wish to die, all of the above + quietly // beautifully // happy // peacefully

What is your present state of mind, grateful // I am in a new york state of mind // my mind is not myself but we speak quite often // jamming

For what fault have you most toleration, lack of confidence // I do not consider myself Tolerant I prefer openness, honesty and acceptance // I am not "tolerant", I prefer honesty // shyness

Your favorite motto, "he who seeks for beauty will always find it" // "give birth to what you believe in" // "enjoy the beauty of the present" "it just happened" // "peace and love", "imagine"

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