some thoughts about my relationship with art...

the other day I was thinking about my passion/obsessivecompulsivedisorder with art. 

this is what i found out,

a visceral relationship

sometimes i am embarrassed on how much a voyeur i am 
(voyeur is such an elegant word!)

it empties my mind

i like when art is exhibited in unexpected places 
(also when it has some humor! but not arrogant humor but simple and true)

i like artists who transform their time not only mirror it

i enjoy small museums. 
(intimacy is better)
un pas de deux

museums should be opened 24 hours. (sometimes needed)

i could move into another country for art. i just did

I can't tell which was my first relationship to art. I think I have always been attracted to beauty. ...maybe nature and my family's love started everything 

communication for me is so hard! and for some reason I find myself completely communicated when I am in art. 
it is a state, a place where i go back, i return.

at the end of the experience I find myself in peace and thankful

strangely but no, i have not collected anything. oh yes! stickers but i lost them. 
a few months ago i tried to collect interviews from my favorite people but afterwards i forgot. 
i am looking to start my own collection... oh! but I am sure I would easily exchange it for something else. maybe memories. 

art comes from/is/goes to movement

the works of art that have moved me the most... so many and so few!

 i believe art is extremely powerful!

i prefer going by myself cause it is a very intimate experience. 
afterwards i share the event with my closest friends

you can find it anywhere. just picture a frame!

my favorites (the ones I frequently go back to): ambramovic, turrell, rothko, kapoor. 
but i enjoy finding new favorites all the time! 
(Also, there are some curators and people that are not considered "artists" that I adore!)

i love all art forms! 

from the art expressions, i "connect" (I feel so hippie saying "connect") most easily-least easily:
dance, theatre, contemporary visual arts, film, film, photography, opera, performance, architecture, writing, fashion, performance, sculpture. I prefer when they merge! :)

i am still in the journey of discovering what in art is so magnetic to me. (not necessarily in art)
A very beautiful journey though!


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Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for sharing!

Art has always attracted you. It's in you. The gift you have to perceive the subtle language in art pieces is impressive. It's time to communicate. You are already doing it.

I am proud of you!