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flower Bach Essences

today they taught me something new. I need to work more on confidence, fears and communication.

Discovered by Edward Bach, a welsh physician in the early 1900's.
38 essences.
behaviour- emotions- healing process.

2 drops in a glass of water. take 4 drops 4 times a day. 6 or 7 remedies in a treatment bottle.

oak: helps when your inner strength wanes. you overwork and ignore tiredness.
rock water: helps when you expect too much of yourself.
walnut: helps to adjust to a new schedule or situation
agrimony: helps you to communicate your real feelings and worries
pine: helps when you feel guilt and self-reproach.
elm: helps when your responsibilities overwhelm you.
rock rose: helps when you experience fears and you feel frozen.
mimulus: helps when you feel a type of fear that you can put a name on.
cherry plum: teaches trust in one's spontaneous wisdom
wild oat: helps when you are at a crossroad in life and are uncertain as to which direction to choose.
chestnut bud: helps when you keep doing the same mistake over and over again.

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