as if we were made of clay

roles will reverse many times!

there is no pure evil, no pure good, only purity.

"un buen marinero no se hace en aguas tranquilas" -dicho japonés

nada como un bubble bath!

un mosquito ambicioso
una abeja confundida

como si el tiempo se suspende. lo paralelo! #

cuando te libero, me libero. 

"some of us are born rebellious" 

my dad loves sunsets! :) 

me sigue impresionando poder volar! 

my tears live inside me

-Hey, what is your situation?
-On Earth or in the Universe?

eat a hol(e)y doughnut!

translate a song and sing it!

sweet 16 my oldest friend r. !

who can know the heart of youth but youth itself? -p.s.

I am free, I am free #mandala

mi tatuaje, la continuación :

a plot twist,

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