in new york

i found my home.

multiple personality disorder diagnosis: 
people wearing from 10inch high heels to... nothing! 
a person singing beautifully in the subway (who has a manager) 
going to little india for dinner, dancing balkan music and eating in a polish diner!
art in... absolutely everywhere!
ideas that  you can touch
applying for an unpaid job (experience is required)
grumpy cab driver with 30% tip and 20% tip (restaurants)
people who already know what they want in life before... they die!
umbrella traffic
all abreviations ASAP, DIY, MTA, FUN! 
workoholics come to die
stress, gastritis and heart attacks
intense, tough, expensive, worth it!

here I have found  f r e e d o m   o f   e x p r  e s  s i o n   that I did not know I was looking for! I have the feeling of being in the very beginning of a great story...

i have been here for almost 5 weeks and I have meet up randomly with 5 people I already know in the streets of NYC! Should I start believing in serendipity? (I already do).

in a city which never sleeps, Good night!

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